send ascii on serial port via HTML (getting started)

Hi digi community

I am very new to this so if the answer to my question is very obvious, sorry in advance.

I have a device (a video matrix) that works with a serial connexion. i send an ascii string to tell the matrix to switch this input on that output. I want to use the digi connect ME so that i can send my ascii strings from the ethernet : Ideally, i’d open my web browser, type the IP adress of the digi connect ME, a html page opens with buttons, and when i click the buttons, specific ascii strings are send from the serial port to my matrix

is there a way to do that ?

i already managed to send data via telnet, i would like to know how to do it directly from the html page

thank you

What exactly are you using? Digi device server firmware or NET+OS?

I gues it’s the standard server firmware, as i bought just the part, not the dev board with CDs and example (i have very limited budget :frowning: and the dev board was too expensive )
in addition, i am more an electronician than a programmer, i know html, javascript, C, i’m learning C++ right now, i’ve never done java but that will be a good reason to start if it’s the only way to do what i want.
But i have no idea what Net+OS is exactly nor how it works (i guess it’s an OS that i can create for the Digi part ?)
If i could find a way to send a specific ASCII string on the serial port when i click a buton (html or java applet), without having to modify anything in the part OS i have now, that would be just perfect

thank you !

The attached archive provides one of the standard Java examples included in the Integration Kits.