how to transmit and receive serial data with Connect ME ?

Hi everyone,

I am new to Digi devices, but I think the doc about serial communication is very poor…
I would like to know how to insert the data that is in the serial buffer in a web page. I know there is a HTML to C tool, and there are special tags who point to functions. I know I have to compile all the .c files and make an image to send to the connect ME with the development board. (If this is wrong can someone tell me ?)
Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy this board, but i managed to borrow the Integration Kit, that’s not really the same.
So is it absolutely necessary to use the Dev Board or can I just program everything by using the network connection ?
I can use the telnet command options and I can see the serial data flowing [connect 1] but I would like to insert this data on my webpage. Is it possible to do this with a Java applet or this kind of way ?

Thanks for helping me !

Actually you may want to look into the .NET Micro Framework version of the Connect ME. There is a simple sample that shows how to read serial data, and another simple sample that shows how to create a web page. You could probably create this application in C# with very little effort. The kit has a suggested price of $299 (part number DC-ME-MF).

thank you, but i have to use the data in a web page, not in an application, so i can’t use a c# program. I can use C language and the HTML to C tool.
I have
void na_getTemp(unsigned long handle)
/* add your implementation here: /
} /
@! Function: na_getTemp }} */

but I don’t know how to get the data… ?

If you’re using the integration kit, the only way to have a ‘web-like’ interface is to setup the serial port as TCP sockets, use a Java applet, and have it connect back to the serial port on 2101. Otherwise if you want to have a straight HTML page the shows the serial output, you’d need to use one of our development kits.

I’m going to take like this application. I have a 8-bit mcu with a serial port. And I have ordered a DC-ME-NET dev. kit.

Are there any sample to do this application by DC-ME-NET Development kit? (May be the kit include a sample that i need , the kit not arrived to me yet)

If there isn’t any sample, how can i do show and change data (like temperature, setpoint etc. in the host microcontroller)in the web(html/xml) pages. May i have to use the RCI? At the first look, the RCI seems to using for configuration.


Two examples you’ll want to look at are the Advanced Web Server Example and the XMLParser example (I believe this one can only be found in the /src/examples/ directory).