Send data over serial port

Project aim: Be able to type data and send it from hyperterminal, to the serial port, and get it back over the ethernetcable.

I have the integration kit and have just connected a loop from the serial port->development board->connect me->pc (ethernet).

Can anyone please give me some useful tips? I’m quite new to this…

Setup the Connect ME/Wi-ME serial port with the profile of TCP sockets. Open two instances of hyper terminal, the first will be through your native serial port (typically com1) with the baud rate of 9600/8/n/1 software flow control (default settings of the serial port on the ME/Wi-ME). On the second instance of hyper terminal make a TCP socket connection (winsock in the ‘Connect Using’ field) to the units IP address on port 2101. Typing in one window should result in data seen on the other window.

I’ve even a more basic follow-up question.

How do I “Setup the Connect ME/Wi-ME serial port with the profile of TCP sockets” ?

Is there a particular C# file which I should select to apply to ConnectME to setup the profile of TCP/IP sockets?

As you can see, I’m quite confused about this part.

Thanks in advance, - Russell Fox

Okay, it looks like I’ve found the answer to my question.

the Digi Device Setup Wizard allows me to select “TCP Sockets”

Where did you find the Digi Device Setup Wizard at?

I’m trying to do a similar task, and any info would be a great help.

Specifically, I’m trying to send typed data from hyperterminal, to an html page I’ve coded and set up to receive. What code should I add to my _v.c file to let it see the Hyperterminal data?


My guess is that you read some data in over hyperterm and placed into some sort of buffer. Again, my guess is that you want to develop your own API that in the “get” call for a field of the web page, will grab the applicable data from the hyperterm-related data buffer. Once in the “get” function in the _v.c file, you return the data as a char *. Be very careful how the hyperterm-related data is stored. The callback’s stack will be gone after the return. So the data must be in some static or permanently available memory.

I found the info on the Setup Wizard in the Digi User’s Guide. I haven’t tried it yet, but maybe this is helpful.

How to access the Digi Device Setup Wizard:
To access the Digi Device Setup Wizard, insert the Software and Documentation CD that
accompanies your Digi Connect Family device in a PC’s CD drive. The Digi Device Setup
Wizard will automatically start.
Where to find more information:See “Configuration through the Digi Device Setup Wizard” on page 70 for details on
running the wizard. The Digi Device Setup Wizard also has online help, accessed from the
Help button on wizard screens.

I’m not too worried about storing the received data, the Digi will constantly be receiving and sending data out. The digi is more of a messenger for my application in the fact it doesn’t have to remember the data, just be able to send it to my page.

I do already have my _v.c file programmed with a get function, but I’m not sure how I tell that function to look at hyperterminal for its data.

Thanks for the reply,


I’ve looked for this on my CD, but it didn’t auto-run, nor was it in the CD files (not that it wasn’t a bad idea).

My goal is just like the original posters, with a slight variation.

I want to type something in hyperterminal, send it to the Serial Port (can do this now), have the Digi read my input (this is where I’m stuck), and display it to an html page (coded and set up right already).

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Thanks for the help