Sample application using HTML - C++ compiler

I have a DiGi Connect ME module and the integration kit. I don’t know if I need the developmen kit (and not the integration kit) to develop the following simple application :

a web page with a textbox and a button. the user can insert a text into the textbox and click the button. After this, my application have to do some processing on the data and sends it to the serial port.

I know that I can do this with my integration kit and an applet Java but I want to avoid using Java.
What is the alternative solution ? I have to buy the development kit ? I know that there is a HTML - C++ compiler. Can you post a sample application of this so that I can evaluate the solution and buy the development kit ?

Paolo Patierno


With the Integration Kit you can only use the pre-configured webpages and customize some parts of them, but not change them.
So, to do so, you will have to use Java.

If you want to create your own pages in HTML, you have to use the Development Kit which comes with the PBuilder, a compiler that converts the webpages (and their content) into a C-like, so they can be compiled and linked into your code.

Any type of HTML, images, scripts, or other embedded objects are supported by the PBuilder, so I am sure you will have no problems creating the page you described.

The DevKit comes with examples on how to use it and a pretty big manual, so - again - I think it should be pretty easy for you to build your page.

If you need a copy of the examples for the webserver, you can ask your local sales representative.

I hope this helps.


Thank you very much for you explanation !

Best regards,