HTML to C connectme9210


I already made a page in HTML, but I don’t know How I can to translate this page for language C for DIGI connect ME 9210. How I make a server HTML on DIGI connect ME 9210?

Andre Lessa

Which operating system and version are you running? NET+OS? or Linux?

I using NET+OS 7.4.

Check your C:
etos74\Documentation directory

You’ll see a “Programmer_Guide.pdf”. Read Part 4 in that guide. That’s the easiest way to do it. Also, check out some of the example programs in the development environment, under “File->New->NET+OS Sample Project”. It’ll generate the C code, but also includes some sample HTML pages they used in the HTML-to-C Compiler you’ll read about in the “Programmer_Guide.pdf”

For more advanced pages, read the “Advanced_Web_Server_Toolkit.pdf”. The AWS uses pages that are compiled with a utility called PBuilder. PBuilder is accessed via the command prompt in Windows (Start->type in “cmd” to the search box).

PBuilder and the AWS are briefly described in Part 5 of the “Programmer_Guide.pdf”, as well. See page 154, specifically.

I read this documents, and can understand use the PBUILDER for transformate my page HTML for C, but I can’t understand how I do for call this documents and where I call. I need to help for construct a simple page in the inici, but I need to make with PBUILDER because after I need to increase it. Somebody have an exemple of the project that I can saw how I call my page.

André Lessa


I am nto exactly sure what help yo are asking for, as follows:

“but I can’t understand how I do for call this documents and where I call”
Assuming you created an (valid) html file adn you added (valid) AWS comment tags and you ran said html file through the pbuilder utility (either from the command line or from the ESP wizard yo should have ended up with (at least) 2 new .c files. One is called yourhtmlfile.c and one is called yourhtmlfile_v.c; where yourhtmlfile is replaced with the name of your html file.

The .c file contains html “boilerplate” code. The _v.c contains customer callbacks based on AWS comment tags placed in the aforementioned html file.

If you surf to your device by ip address your browser should display the “main” page of your html file. If you have created “getter” or “setter” callback functions (sometimes called stub functions) the AWS engine will call them, without any assitance from you.

If your _v.c file is empty presumably because you are just out AWS on a try befoer buy basis trying, then what AWS should send back to your browser is all of the html “boilerplate” code from the .c file.