gstreamer on ConnectCard for i.mx28

Does the ConnectCard for i.mx28 support gstreamer? If so, how do you add it to the configuration under DEL5.9? Being new to gstreamer, if I had an RTSP stream coming from an IP camera and wanted to save it to a file, is there an example that shows the appropriate commandline to use?

Using DigiESP, make a new kernel and rootfs with apps project, then hit the configure button. Do a search for gstremer, it should appear under rootfs config, pre-built apps. And is selected by default.
If you need info on gstreamer,
Check in the help section of the DigiESP gui, under the Built in Applications and services you can find section 7.6.20 Gstreamer, more info can be found at
The Qt backend on Linux uses GStreamer you should have libgstreamer0.10_0.10 as the minimum with also plugins.

I went to the pre-built apps and the gstreamer framework was not listed. I then went under options and selected show all options. The gstreamer framework shows up but is disabled. Does this mean that it is an unsupported application on the i.mx28 platform? If it is unsupported is there any other option that I may have available to record a RTSP stream?

ok so the gstreamer is not offered in the ConnectCard by default. It is not an application that fits the profile of a ConnectCard. Apparently it is not tested on the ConnectCard platform. The DEL toolchain has cortex A8 binaries for gstreamer that won’t run on the ConnectCard.
To get it working your going to have to cross compile the gstreamer for the ConnectCard on the DEL toolchain and install it on your installation. But gstreamer is a complex application to cross compile as it has lots of plugins and dependencies.
You would be better off using DEY.
Once it is available, it is the best option to capture an RTSP stream. There are some examples in the multimedia section of the DEL documentation as to how to accomplish this.

i would say ConnectCard i.mx28 is NOT designed for streaming video/audio applications.

Try ConnectCore i.mx53 or the latest ConnectCore i.mx6

Price also will vary :slight_smile: