Hardware flow control

Hardware flow control does not work (on the serial line). To investigate, I chose “RealPort” profile, set up RealPort-driver on my XP. Without flow control, the connection works. (In HyperTerm I enter a byte, that byte then arrives at the other serial end. If I enter a byte into the Digi’s serial line, that byte then arrives in HyperTerm.)
But, if I turn on the (hardware) flow control (in both ends), then the HyperTerm->RealPort->DigiME->serial_line direction does not work. Mute. The serial->DigiME->RealPort->Hyperterm direction works.
POST version: 1.1.3 (release_82000867_G)
BOOT version: (release_82000866_C)
Firmware version: (Version 82000856_F6 07/21/2006)

Hardware flow control DOES work.
It has been tested and used for years.
I suggest you to further investigate where the problem is…


PC: Hardware flow control DOES NOT WORK !!! ON digi Wi-ME if you use RealPort. It´s incredible but that´s the reality. It doesn´t work in either diretion. The lines passes BUT THE EFFECT IS IN VAIN. I mean, the RealPort driver is not working as expected. If you want to help us, please try to do yourself the testings so that you can help KomKaPeter and me. Thanks!