Has Rabbit Development Ended?

The last update to the R3000 compiler was in early 2008, with v9.62.The last update to the R4/5/6000 compiler was in 2012 with v10.72. And there have been no new Rabbit modules for quite some time.
Does anyone have a sense of whether the Rabbit product line is over? Digi continues to sell the existing products, and supplies tech support for those products, but I don’t see any ongoing efforts to improve or expand the product line.
The R3000 is capable of addressing more than the 512K that the largest R3k module allows. Why no new R3K modules with more memory? The R3k compiler has plenty of bugs. Why no bug fixes, or updates to the compiler?
Same with the R6000 line.


Good afternoon, I will check with product management.
Both version 9.62 and 10.72 have library patches that have addressed bugs. Have you used the library patches?

I agree that Digi should address this issue. We have built a lot of systems around the Rabbit Core Modules and plan to use the minicores in future designs but not if the product line is going to be dead-ended.

I have talked to Digi about this but have not received an answer or even an indication of what their plans are for the Rabbit processors.

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Yes, I’ve downloaded all the latest patches. But that was a long time ago. Like I said, as far as I can see, there doesn’t appear to be any new development on the Rabbit product. Not even bug fixes.
I could be wrong. It may be that Digi is busy working on new products and the like, and just hasn’t released anything yet. But it would be nice to know if that is the case.

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For the Rabbit 2000/3000 and 3000A, there is also sdcc. AFAIK, it has far better standard compliance and optimizations compared to Dynamic C.


In case anyone comes across this question in a search, you should know that Digi International released most of the libraries and samples* as Open Source on GitHub in 2015, and they’ve been paying me to maintain them since then.

Please go there for the latest updates and to report issues for both Dynamic C 9 and 10.


Digi released updated Dynamic C 10 installers, with 10.72D as the most recent. There aren’t plans that I know of to release an updated Dynamic C 9 installer, so GitHub is the best location for the latest libraries/samples.

  • Due to licensing, GitHub doesn’t include uC/OS-II libraries and samples, but they are still a part of the Dynamic C installers.