HDLC Rx API only showing a packet every 2000 Ticks.

Hello There,
I have on the Ns7520 eval board a setup that successfully RX’s HDLC Manchester encoded packets.
I increased the ThreadX tick count to 1000 in the bsp in order to get 1 msec per tick accuraccy.
The problem is that even though there are multiple packets coming in (about 2 a second) I am only seeing the HDLC Receive fuction saying a packet is available every 2000 ticks or 2 seconds and it is to the tick as I print out the threadx timer tick when the thread says a packet is received.
Has anyone experience this before…I want to be able to see if the DMA is actually Rxing every packet or not.

Also if anyone has used the nahdlc callbacks such as naHdlcAcceptFun please post as I can’t figure out how to define them.

Thanks, Derek

Figured it out. Using the call backs at ineterrupt level and more packets are being rx’ed.