HELP!! A couple of problems....


two XBee Series 2 modules, one configured as Coordinator API and one as End Device API. Now I’m using an arduino Fio to send the SL value of its local XBee ( coordinator) to the XBeee connected to my laptop and view the value via XCTU.

Problem #1
The XBee connected to my computer via a Sparkfun XBee explorer refuses to be read. That is, when i click read, it says “Entering Command Mode” on the bottom and then shows me the “Action required” dialogue box. (where it asks to reset the XBee). When i try manually resetting by connecting reset to GND via a jumper, the box goes away and allows access to the terminal.

Problem #2
When i DO get access to the terminal, and i switch on the Arduino, the only thing it shows on the terminal is
7E 00 02 8A 02 73

and then
7E 00 02 8A 03 73
when i switch off the power.

Can anyone help?? (it’s urgent!)

Problem #1 may be caused by not pre-setting XCTU to the correct baud rate and API mode. Sometimes it works without these set, but you will find much faster XCTU access if it is a perfect match.

Problem #2 - make sure the coordinator SN/SP are correct or you’ll never move any data from the End-Device to the Coordinator.