Problem with Xbee S2C

Hello I have a project that I need to use two arduino UNO and echar arduino is connected to Xbee explorer for Xbee S2c and DHT11. My project consist in send value of DHT11 that is connected to one arduino to another arduino using Xbee.

When I connect 2 Xbee to my PC using USB cable and OPEN XCTU, I can send and receive data, but when I connect one Xbee to arduino and other Xbee is connected to my PC. I dont receive nothing from another Xbee and I can see in XCTU that I cannot see Xbee that is connected to Arduino. That is weird.

For now ignore DHT11 wired

I connect Xbee to arduino using this connection

Arduino Xbee
3.3v First pin in Xbee Explorer
GND Second pin in Xbee Explorer
PIN 8 (RX) Third pin in Xbee Explorer
PIN 9 (TX) Fourth pin in Xbee Explorer


AltSoftSerial altSerial;
void setup() {
void loop() {


With above code, my idea is to test connection between Xbee

Coordinator(Xbee that is connect to my PC)

Router (Xbee that is connected to Arduino UNO)

I need to use API mode but I am testing using AT mode in Router Xbee and API in Coordinator. I test using both Xbee in AT mode but it doesnt work.

TX Led is not blinking when Router Xbee recieve data from Arduino.

I test another thing. I connect Router Xbee to my computer, Doing that, Xbee power on Arduino. In this case, I can see data from Arduino to Xbee ROuter in XCTU and I can see TX LED blinking in ROuter Xbee but I cannot see anything in Coordinator Xbee(I put this Xbee in AT mode)

But if I write in COnsole Log of Router Xbee, it sends to Coordinator Xbee as well
I dont understand what happens

I attached Xbees configuration in URL above

Change the Coordinators DL and DH values from the default value of 0 to the SL and SH of the router.