Help needed in using WIT2450 interfacing to computer through USB


I m using WIT2450 module for my project work.
My project is to transfer the data processed by the main base WIT to remote which is connected to the USB port through a cable.
I ve configured the WIT2450 in three wire operation mode as mentioned and for baud rate 38400.
But the CFG bar is left unconnected.
Now i open the hyper terminal and set the baud to 38400, and as in i type the escape sequence i.e :wit2410 i don’t get any response from the module, is there anything else i should do or please help me out .
The settings all related to commands are in default.
And i m using the WIT which is configured as base, to be connected the computer.
If still more details needed i can send the interface diagram also.
Pls help me

I don’t think you have reached the correct company. That is manufactured by someone else.