HELP NEEDED - Rabbit Serial Number

Is there a way to read the serial number from the Rabbit 3000 by coding??? Thanks.

The serial number from the rabbit 3000 appear in the system struct variable


–> printf(" serialNumber = ‘%s’
", SysIDBlock.serialNumber);

but this is not set sometimes … i suggest, use the MAC, i use this in my programs and work fine…

printf(" macAddr = %02X:%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X
SysIDBlock.macAddr[0], SysIDBlock.macAddr[1], SysIDBlock.macAddr[2],
SysIDBlock.macAddr[3], SysIDBlock.macAddr[4], SysIDBlock.macAddr[5]);

(this is part of the id_blockreport.c in sample/useridblock directory)