Help Needed with Python structuring


I am a novice in Python so some my questions might be a bit lame.

I am trying to create a locationing system using a Drop In Networking Kit.

As a first step, I am trying to get something like a ‘RSSI’ column in addition to the ‘Temperature’ column in the Zigbee Gateway Viewer Sample program.

I want the Co-ordinator (X8-ethernet or X2-Wifi) to send a dummy packet to each of the attached devices (Temp Sensor, Rs232 adapter) which they return (presumably have loopback enabled) and I should read the RSSI of the last received packet. The DB command only returns the RSSI of the last received packet. However, I am having trouble using the zigbee.ddo_get_param() command in the XMLRPC kind of environment which uses.

How do I go about creating a thread for RSSI like there is one for temperature?