help! server connection error

Hi all
since 2 days,I can’t connect me to the server Web
I use the connect-c ME devellopement kit with jtag debugger.
at the beginning no probleme for used the web server with sample but today i can’t…
I have tested all the sample but nothing. (ex: for the tfp sample the error message is: "ftp: connect : error number unknown)
I have erase the flash with the ‘flash sample’.
I can controle the i/o and the PING is ok.

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So if you run the Web Server example or FTP server example you can’t connect to the module? Have you checked the IP settings (and MAC address settings) to verify they haven’t gotten screwed up, or that they still are appropriate for the network the module is on? I would also verify the physical connection between the Module and your PC.

thank charliek,
yes, the physical connection between the Module and your PC is ok (the green and the red led is light). the IP is ok (i can PING it). For the MAC address settings, I am connecting on line (by cross cable) without fire wall. I have not idea about what i do… has you got a idea?

It sounds like something is being over looked. I.E. I would take and make one of the sample applications, verify you’ve selected the correct platform, verify the IP settings work, build the app, when you get asked to reset the module to defaults say ‘yes’, and then try to connect to it again. Also, verify that another device on your network isn’t using the same IP by trying to ping the unit while it is powered down.