Help setting up a frame to send to a Zigbee HA Lock

I have a Yale Deadbolt Lock that I need to unlock with my Xbee ZB SMT. What frame do I send the lock.

Start Delimiter = 0x7E
Length = TBD
Frame Type = 0x11
Frame ID = 01
DA64 = 00 0D 6F 00 03 1D 6F 13
DA16 = FF FE
SE = ??
DE = 0x0D
Cluster ID = 0x0101
Profile ID = 0x0104
Broadcast Radius = 0x00 (maximum)
Transmit Options = 0x00

Data Payload = WHAT GOES HERE. Where can I find information on the data payload to make this lock lock and unlock. I understand I need Frame Control, Command ID, Attribute ID, and ZCL Payload but have no idea what to put her. Any help is appreciated.

Checksum = TBD

Also I am using Zigbee Home Automation 1.2 Spec.

That information will need to come directly from the Lock manufacture or if the product is a Certified device, the Zigbee Alliance’s HA documentation.

Hello, I hope all is well.
Did you manage to control the Yale Deadbolt Lock?