Connect Yale Lock with Zigbee HA 1.2 to an Xbee Coordinator

Hello. I have a Yale Deadbolt Lock with a Zigbee 1.2 Home Automation Device inside of it. How do I get it to communicate with my Xbee ZB SMT. I have connected the Xbee to X-CTU and set it as a coordinator but it cannot establish a connection with the Lock. Any help is appreciated.

My current set up is my Xbee ZB SMT on an Xbee Interface board connected to my computer. The settings are EO 01, EE 02, KY 5A6967426565416C6C69616E63653039, AO 03, AP 01, ZS 02, CE 01. I scan for networks and nothing shows up.

You have the SMT module properly configured for a ZIgbee HA device to Join the coordinator. You now need to talk to the Lock manufacture to find out how to force the device to a Joining state. You will also want to verify that it is using the proper Key as you have entered.

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I have successfully configured the lock as an end device and my Zigbee as coordinator. Can I unlock it through AT Commands or will that have to be through programming and the API?

The XBee’s AT commands are not going to change anything on a 3rd party device. You need to find out from the Manufacture what commands you need to issue to perform functions such as unlock, Lock, change keys Etc. Then you need to use the API interface to generate the appropriate frames to issue via the XBee.

I would even suggest looking through the Xbee’s documentation on how to query the Active End points. Then send the appropriate command to find out what Zigbee end point are enabled on the lock.