Setting Xbee Series 2 as a HA Coordinator


I’m working on a project where the goal is to link the XBEE Pro ZB Module to a Phillips ZLL device.

I have a ZB Module set up with Coordinator API. However, I cannot get the ZLL device (LivingColors) to join the network. Is there some parameter setting that I have to specify?

I’m new to this and am confused by how exactly to set up the network. Should I set the ZB Module as a HA Coordinator?

Thank you!

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The ZB through hole module does not support HA. However the SMT ZB module with the current firmware will support most of the HA functions you require.

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Hmm, sorry can I ask what about the XSTICK? If the modules do not support HA, it will not even be able to see the ZLL device as a router or end device?

no it does not as it uses the same firmware and processor as the ZB module does. For HA you need to use the SMT module which is based off of the EM357 processor.

Hi Michellechia

This is Ashish from India. I am exploring IOT and as a part of this, I have purchased two Xbee ZB S2 modules and one standard HA device. I want ot develop a proto system for Home automation.

Initially, I have established communication between two Xbee ZB S2 modules (One as coordinator and another as device) and it worked. I have played with it through X-CTU software provided by Digi.

Now, I want to establish a test communication between XBee ZB S2 as coordinator and standard HA device but some how, I as not able to discover HA device through Xbee coordinator. I have tried setting ZS = 2 and entering HA trust centre key with encryption = ON but still there is no progress.

I have read your problem and it looks like I have very similar issue. Did you get any clue to move ahead in this? Kindly share your inputs.

Thank You!


I have contacted Digi Tech person through Digi forum. He suggested to try with ZS = 2 and with proper trust center key and if it does not work, go with SMT Module.

I have tried with Xbee ZB S2, setting ZS = 2 , Enabled Encryption and set Trust centre key = “” , but still it is not able to discover standard HA device (Osram-Sylvania ON/OFF LED in my case)

I have one more module from Digi - Xbee Zb S1. I have tried with that too but no progress. As you suggested that Xbee SMT module has HA supported in it. So even if I go for it, will I be able to configure it as full HA supported coordinator OR it has just few of the HA functions only?

Awaiting for your kind response

Thank You!

Hi, unfortunately the project got shelfed and I am unable to provide you with an answer. However, I was working on a Phillips lamp which I did not have the trust center code for. I suspected that that wss the problem. Maybe you could try the suggestion of using the SMT module.

Also, I believe the XBee S1 does not support the Zigbee protocol. And the S1 and S2 will not talk to each other (if I’m not wrong it’s because the s2 has an additional layer).

All the best in your project, sorry that I can’t provide any help!

Hi Michellechia

Thank you for your comment on this. I will explore other ZigBee modules which supports HA profile.

The XStick does not support the HA profile. Only the XBee ZB SMT modules support the HA profile.

Folks, The XBee ZB S2 module does not support the necessary functions to support the Home Automation profile. Only the XBee ZB SMT modules support the required functions.