How can i configure Home Automation Profile in Xbee Pro

I am going design a Home Automation using ZIgbee for that i need a Xbee module that support Home Automation Profile. i’d like to whether your product support it. if yes how can i configure that. i need to whether it will be compatible with other modules or devices(On HAprofile)?

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But Digi says it will support public profiles like SE, HA etc in their product datasheet(Xbee Pro S2B). And they didn’t said anything about how to configure those profiles.

Thanks in advance.

That is incorrect what userid0 stated. Yes, Digi does support the HA profile using the XBee ZB SMT modules. You need to set the ZS parameter, the EE, KY and EO options bits to the HA profile standards and it will work.

Can XBee Series 2 module be configured to have multiple clusters of a HA profile? How?

No the standard S2and S2B modules does not support the functions required by HA. You must use the S2C for HA.

I meant to ask could XBee Series 2 module be configured to have a ZigBee private profile including end point and multiple clusters since its firmware option let I choose ZigBee PRO 2007 Stack Profile? I didn’t mean to ask for HA profile. If it can not, what else should I buy to add endpoint/clusters and mesh capability?

You actually want the S2C XBee ZB modules. Then use the API with ZDO pass thru mode functions (AP and AO commands).