Xbee pro support the HA profile ?

hi dear readers ,

i want to ask plz if xbee pro support the home automation profile or not ? because i will use it in the home automation profile , and what’s the difference between the home automation profile and the zigbee Pro ? i mean how can i get a home automation application object using zigbe pro


HA (Home Automation) profile is built/designed on top of Zigbee Pro Stack (Zigbee 2007 feature set). So, though they are having similarities, they are not compatible with each other.

Currently, Digi’s only one module i.e. “XBee Pro S2C” is HA ready. By “HA ready” means, it can join a HA network and will forward all incoming HA related request frames out on its UART. It will not process them (then it will be HA Compatible & not HA ready). User have to put a micro-controller to handle those requests.

To be more clear, you need to use the S2C hardware variants with their associated firmware versions for HA support. The S2 and S2B simply didn’t have the memory to add the specific requirements that the HA profile has.

XBee pro S2c connected HA device but after sending the data to through the XBee pro it sends wrong dest EP and Source EP along with default PROFILE ID(0x0011) but HA profile is 0x0104 how can i set all this and how can i send packets as per my wish

thanks in advaence

That is why you need to use API mode. That will allow you to send data to and from the correct End points. Just understand that you are not going to be able to change the profile ID as that is set per vendor and is not adjustable.