Home automation profile on Xbee S2C wire antenna module

I want to know how to configure Xbee S2C wire antenna module with HA (Home automation) profile via XCTU or any other way. Could you all please assist with details?

Take a look at https://www.digi.com/support/knowledge-base/zigbee-home-automation

Thanks mvut for the kind response.
It’s done. Function set for firmware is ZIGBEE TH REG. I hope that’s correct.

Link shared by mvut should help you connect Digi S2C module with HA network. However, since is module is mere “HA Ready”, you have to connect some MCU to handle all HA specific commands and queries.

Okay. Yes I have connected xbee to host MCU and I want my xbee to communicate with external non digi zigbee device.

Please correct me but if other device (which is coordinator) is already in HA network, then pairing process between xbee and external device would automatically happen or what are the steps from xbee side to accomplish the pairing and join the network?

I configured my Xbee S2C antenna module with Home automation profile via XCTU with the solution provided on the link on earlier comment.