How do you configure Zigbee HA1.2 on DIGI S2C.

I have a DIGI S2C with which I want to create a home automation HUB. I am trying to configure the digi device with HA1.2 capability so that we can connect with HA1.2 end devices. I will appreciate if one could point us to any documentation as to how to set up a HA1.2 Coordinator.

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Make sure to flash the Chip with the ZigBee Firmware.

Then use XCTU or the AT Commands directly to set the following values :

ZigBee Stack : ZS = 0x02
API Enable : AP = 0x01
API Mode : AO = 0x03
Encryption Enabled : EE = 0x01
Encryption Options : EO = 0x02
Network Key : KY = 0x5A6967426565416C6C69616E63653039

If your chip is going to act as the Network coordinator then you also ned to set :

Coordinator Enabled : CE = 0x01

If you’re using the AT command to setup the modem directly, remember to issue an WR command to make the changes persistent.

That’s it.