What are the steps to join a ZigBee HA network with a Digi xBee Pro ZB?

My goal: With an USB Digi xBee-Pro ZB join an existing ZigBee HA network and send the on command to an already attached ZigBee HA Power Plug.
The Steps I think I need to accomplish this:
[1] Join the ZigBee HA Profile by presenting some type of security token to the HA Coordinator
[2] After I’m joined to the network. Issue commands to the address and correct cluster of my ZigBee HA Power Plug
On page 38 of the XBee-Pro ZB RF Modules Doc# 900000976_D their are 9 steps under the heading “Example: Joining a Network” I would like to see the steps for Joining a ZigBee Home Automation network. I have to think someone has done this with their product!

I know this going to require code, we have commercial products based on the Digi xBee Pro hardware and have experience with C# and sending API packets. Our goal is to migrate our solution to a ZigBee HA network. We want to stay with Digi as we have years of experience with xBee communications over 802.15.4 and hardware built around Digi thinking we could expand it into these standard based networks.


The S2B modules do not directly support the HA profile but you can try the following settings:

Coordinator API 21A7

Just note that these settings work with the SMT ZB module which is using a different stack so it may not work with the S2B.