Help understanding the .yml file

I have been researching the iDigi product line for about a week or so… I am wondering what exactly is the .yml file and how do I edit it without losing the current settings? Could someone explain to me what the .yml file contains and it’s purpose?

From what I have gathered, it is a file that contains a list of networked devices that communicate with the coordinator. This list also contains the devices extended addresses.

In iDigi Dia project, .yml in a setting file, which provides the setting information in dia.pyr when Dia project is built. .yml contains different settings for drivers, presentations, services, loggers which are required to run the iDigi Dia Framework on the gateway. ESP for python provides smart editor for .yml file to provide the settings information to settings_base. So, finally this helps for fast customized productions.

Understood. Thanks…

My problem is that I have 19 or so smartplugs that need to be swapped out due to improper FACTORY wiring. I need to edit the .yml file to reflect the changes of swapping out the Smart Plugs. I am not sure what the .yml file currently contains. I basically am a bit worried about using ESP to edit the devices, because I do not know exactly what this.yml file contains?

That contains the setting info including xbee serial number in the laymen term,

Well, the .yml file contains all sorts of info such as Presentation, Transforms, and other critical data. The sensors & Smart Plugs I am working with, send data to the coordinator at specified intervals. The smart plugs are used to control lighting (ie: turn on in the A.M. & off in the P.M.). If I just rebuild the .yml file by adding devices in ESP…I will lose all of these settings???