Help with determining XBee Nodes connection state

I am looking at trying to find a thermostats connection status through a Connectport X2.

I thought the command might help me out. However it is not returning me any useful data.

The documentation is pretty cryptic “This is identical to query_setting, except it returns back different fields.” and the settings docs say “Returns back a detailed list of settings for a given radio”

Through the developer portal I can see the Status as active/Inactive, but I am looking for a better way to see its state than reading attributes off of it.

This is what I have tried:





The response seems like an echo of what I requested and no more…

Thanks in advance!

Is the thermostat sleeping? Battery powered?

If so, it is possible you can rarely read anything from it - unless you just happen to hit the X2 when the thermostat is awake.

(I am no SCI/idigi expert, but work a lot with the Xbee nodes)