Help with the selection device

Hello. My English is bad , but I try to explain my problem.

I manage the network with the help of X-CTU, mode API.

But I want to manage the network using SCADA.

To do this, I need to receive data from the module to the OPC Server , which has the ability to connect devices on the protocol MODBUS.

Tell me what kind of equipment do I need to buy you to solve this problem ?

You could do this with simpler XBee - 802.15.4, but not Zigbee or Digimesh.

You need an Xbee doing a ‘broadcast’, so an XBee-serial device at your OPC server could send a Modbus poll to ALL remote XBee, which must dump these out serial ports. The Modbus protocol means if your have 10 remotes, all 10 see the request, but only the one with the correct Modbus address will answer - and must broadcast back to all nodes.

When the response comes back, the OPC node will accept as an answer, while the other 9 ‘slaves’ will ignore what isn’t addressed to them.