Help with XBee S1 I/O Network Design

Hello Everyone!

Below I have a diagram showing a setup that I would like to achieve as a segway into bigger projects. I can successfully connect 2 XBees: Coordinator (connected to PC) and an End Device (connected to an Arduino). However, I would like to work on 3+ XBees without using any Arduinos.

I have several XBee S1’s laying around, buttons and LEDs. I am good with C#, so I would like to attempt building the above network, where I am able to control (on/off) the LED of all 3 XBees independently by a click of a button. At the same time, I would like to know/show which XBee (of the 3) had its button pressed.

My issue is not programming, but rather understanding the feasibility of using XBee S1’s in an I/O network.

Can my setup be done? Or, do I have to purchase DigiMesh XBees?

It is unclear to me how do I communicated to a specific XBee and tell it to set HIGH on DIO-0 to turn on its LED or low to turn it off?

Any example would be very appreciated.

Hi, it is better to put a 10k resistor between gnd and one pin of the button and connect it to D1 and the other pin of the button to +3.3 V!

i have the same problem now unless my coordinator is connected to an arduino and i have to control (on/off) the LED of all 3 XBees independently . did you find the solution ? can you help please
thank you