herokuapp issues

I thought I asked this once several months ago but didn’t get an answer so I’m asking this again.

I’m interested in using herokuapp website to make dashboards for simple things such as flipping a digital pin on an xbee device. The device is xbee-wifi (S6B) running firmware 2021. I can reset the device to factory settings and use it as a wifi client to send data to my server. I can also let herokuapp website configure it to flip digital pins. I can’t, however, do both. It seems that herokuapp may have configured the module to have things sent to serial port in transparent mode forwarded to the cloud instead of to my server. Does anyone have a solution to do both?

I can flip pins using the etherios device management but I’d like to build a simple dashboard for my client. Thanks.

One thing I just found out was that the DO or device cloud descriptor was set to 0x15 by the herokuapp, which sends transparent data to the cloud instead of the intended internet server. This feature probably helps their serial port widget but is probably not necessary for the other widgets. I am using a switch to control DIO0 output state. I set DO to 0x1 and now both herokuapp and TCP client functions work. I still wish they document how they “configure” an xbee-wifi module for herokuapp use. It would be much more clearn if they state it. I’m not going to dig it out of their source code.