xbee wifi kit obstructing normal wifi usage

This is about xbee-wifi the S6B modules running 2021 firmware. I configured them on the herokuapp.com with a dash board to remotely control relays with xbee digital outputs. It works fine. But after that, I thought I should explore how xbee-wifi works in transparent mode with AT command, like sending GET POST requests to web servers. I couldn’t do any of that and wasted hours. Then I read a post about issues with 2021 firmware and downgraded to 2004, still no go. I eventually restored settings and got success. I think the herokuapp has set the cloud register to a value that is incompatible with transparent mode? I’ll check later what got changed by herokuapp. I bet it was sending transparent data to device cloud. Does herokuapp really need that to work?

Transparent mode is mostly used during initial network testing. This mode is easy to use but has very few features.

You can only send and receive Uart data to specific destination node in this mode; nothing else (apart from feeding AT commands).

Even the basic features weren’t working at all. Say I point DL to google’s IP address, and DE to port 0X50, or 80 in dec. If I use 2021, I get nothing. Another post last year regarding this firmware version mentioned the internal server is snatching these requests and replies. If I use version 2004, I do get google’s web page in the serial stream. I did first configure the module with xbee wifi kit on herokuapp.com so that may be the problem, with them possibly redirecting transparent messages to the cloud instead of sending to serial port. I’ll have to try flash 2021 firmware to try. I only have one module left at hand. Wish I did the test when I had 10 modules.