S6B(2024 transparent mode) It does not work when I run xbee wifi as web server.

When I connect S6B and external MCU and run it as web server and access it from WEB browser (Opera) on the PC, S6B does not run with high probability.

I prepared for capture data of Wireshark here.

capture data of Wireshark.

When two SYN was sent to S6B( by a browser ( when I watch this, S6B lets a session establish, and does not reply to each all packets including the ICMP and ARP after it.

Is this problem a phenomenon same as this question?


Please tell me the solution if you like.

What version of firmware are you using on your XBee WIFI modules? What port numbers are you send and receiving from?

hi mvut. Thank you for your communication.

A port number of S6B tries 80(0x50) and 9750(0x2616).
The port number of the PC side is updated whenever connected.

The version of the firm ware is latest 2024.

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I’m having the same problem. :frowning: is there any solution?

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