[Xbee Wifi S6B] Problem with ad-hoc connection

I have a big problem with Xbee Wifi Module, in first istance I would like to use this module in transparent mode for comunicate between the two module.
I tryed to configure Xbee in Ad-Hoc configuration like the user manual specification ( page 39) but don’t work. Unfortunately I tryed a high range of parameter but don’t work. I tried with UDP and TCP, static and DHCP, i checked that the module is in transparent mode, …

If I connect two module at one Access Point and set up destination IP and my IP, the comunication with UART work very well.

The firmware of the module is 2024.

In second instance I would like use API mode, i would be gratefull if you could give me a little guide for use this mode.

Thank you very much and excuse me for my bad english.

On the first one, try using Soft AP mode. You will find that the directions in the manual will be correct for that mode.

As for API mode, you should have all of the information you need on it either in the API section of the manual or in the XCTU NG software.

I tryed to use Soft AP mode, but don’t work, probably for my mistake. I read that there is two mode for use Soft AP mode.
The provisioning mode not work because the module take automaticaly the last SSID who i have inserted…

Could you tell me how i can configure the module for Soft AP mode.
Thank you very much

Page 63 of the manual located at http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90002180_K.pdf covers it step by step. Just make sure that you issue an ATNR0 and a ATRE, WR before you start the process.

Thank you very much, tomorrow I try to resolve the problem and I going to write if the module work or not, so we will resolve the problem

I must use Provisioning Mode or pass through mode? I would like to use UDP protocol.

Thank you very much

I “resolved” the problem.
I configured module in infrastructure mode, one with soft ap mode and other in STA mode.
Unfortunately in this mode work only with TCP.
If the packet not arrive at the other module, I or Xbee module “must” resend the packet?

Thank you very much

Unfortunately TCP isn’t the best option for me, how can I work in UDP mode using infrastructure mode?
Thank you very much

you can use either TCP or UDP. It is completely up to you and what you set the IP command to.

As for Retries, yes you would need to perform any retries.

Provisioning is only used for establishing the connection. Once established you can use transparent mode.