How can I a RCM3200 to a RS232 connection of a GSM module?


I’m a beginner at working with the Rabbit Microprocessor. Can anyone help me out with this: Which port should I use to connect the RCM3200 to a RS-232 connection of a GSM module?

Thank you.

Any serial port on the Rabbit is capable of asynchronous serial communications. Chances are your GPS device needs the signals to be at RS-232 levels, which does require an RS-232 transceiver device. If you have the development kit, then there is an RS-232 transceiver built onto the prototyping board and serial ports B and C can be accessed at RS-232 levels on connector J5.

Thanks Bill!

Can I use both port B and port C on connector J5 simultaneously? say use serial port B to transmit to & received from my GSM module, and use serial port C to transmit/receive using a radio transmitter/receiver.

Yes you can, they are completely independent UART’s that can be set to different baud rates, parity setting, etc. They both have independent buffers in the RS232 library which can be left at their default sizes, or adjusted independently.

Thank you!!

I have a RCM3720 module and prototyping board. There does not seem to be a “J5”. Where can I find RS232 ports B and C? Is the level conversion aready done? If not, how do I do it? (best way)

J5 is the core module connector and should definitely be there. Where you referring to J3? If so, all you have to do is solder in a 2x5 0.1" header into the holes for J3 and you will have access to RS-232 level signals for both serial ports C & D. Do not confuse this with J8, which has the unbuffered signals for serial ports C & D.

For a complete schematic of the RCM3720 proto board go here: RCM 37xx Documentation