How can I change the serial interface data bits from 8 to 7 ?

I have an application which requires me to be able to set all of the serial interface parameters (ie. data bits, baud rate, parity, stop bits) to values I require.

I cannot locate the data bit parameter in the manual or using XCTU? Can it be modified?

Thanks in advance,


Which radio are you working with? Not all of the radios support different data bits and parity bits.

A pair of XLR Pro’s , Part # XL9-UA …Marcel

There is no data bits option on this product. You need to adjust the parity bit and stop bits to get what you want.

I was able to resolve my problem , thanks for the help!
For others who may have this question, in my application the data going into and out of the serial connectors is hard coded for 7 data bits , odd parity , 1 stop bit.

For the pair of modems to transfer the data in a format I could use I had to configure the modems for parity = none, stop bit =1.

Would be much simpler if Digi included the option to set # of data bits (7 or 8) in a future firmware release.

Thanks again for the help.