How can I create a simple user interface to send an SCI_request?

I have developed a project for a Rabbit RCM6650W minicore in which I can use the Device Cloud API Explorer to read, send and tell the RCM6650 to do various things. I have a number of “what I call scripts” that I post to the /ws/sci path to do all of this. Below are a couple of examples of the scripts. What I would like is to create a user interface with buttons to send these scripts through the device cloud to the RCM6650 and receive the response from the RCM6650 without me copying and pasting the scripts right into the API Explorer. I am very weak in this area and do not have a clue where to begin. I can write code in VB.NET or will learn any other method I need to but don’t know where to begin. Any help is very much appreciated.




You might find that exporting the API(s) will be helpful in designing an application. With your sci request input in typed into the API Explorer, select the Export option. You will see the following programming language options for exporting the call into: