SCI Callback from Script - Internal Server Error

Hi - I’m sending an SCI request via a Perl Script to a pc gateway to set an xbee pin. It works perfectly but I get an “500 Internal Server Error” returned. Web host says it’s nothing on their end.- it must be script. I’ve tried ruby and python too and I get the same result. Works but error returned. Anyone know what I need to do in the script to handle this? The script is being called from html file. ty

use LWP::UserAgent;
$user_agent = LWP::UserAgent->new;

Sets The Request up for Basic Authentication.

Replace YourUsername and YourPassword with your username and password respectively.

‘Device Cloud WS’,

XML Data to be sent in the Request Body.

$request = ’


Performs a post to Device Cloud and captures response.

$response= $user_agent->post(“”,
‘Content-Type’ => ‘text/xml’,
‘Content’ => $request);

Prints the Response Content.

print $response->decoded_content;

If Device Cloud determines that the request wasn’t successfully processed, die with the error message.

die $response->status_line;

Hi Prichardson,

You have mentioned that it works perfectly, it means the value of parameter D0 getting changed to 4?