Send data from XBee Sensor to Device Cloud

I have connected my XBee (light, humidity and temperature) sensor to the Device Cloud via an XBee Gateway, but couldn’t work out how to read data into my dashboard. I’m told I need to write a python script to do this, but it must such a standard thing to need to do - surely EVERYONE needs to do this?

Is there a python script that already exists for reading data from the XBee sensor and sending it to the Device Cloud? Or, indeed, should I be doing something different?

For clarity, my devices are:
X2E-Z3C-E1-W XBee Gateway
XS-Z16-CB2R XBee Sensor


I believe the app that is one of the samples in the Digi ESP for Python will do what you want.

I figured out how to connect to the device cloud in ESP using EDP Upload.

I’m now getting two Errors -

  1. Error building Project
  2. Error executing script: IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘’

Any idea what these are?

Are you running Linux?