Python code for ConnectPort X2 for redirecting data stream from Xbee to the DeviceCloud (Remote Manager)

This is part of a document called “A Beginner’s guide to send data to Device Cloud from a ZigBee Network”


6 Running python script on gateway
You need a python script running on ConnectPort gateway that redirects all incoming
data from XBee module(s) to Device Cloud it is connected to.
A python file for this purpose is available at below provided link:
This script encodes data in Base64 format to add security for uploaded information.
Add that script onto ConnectPort gateway and enable auto-start.
To do so, open Web UI of ConnectPort gateway and navigate to Applications->Python.
Upload above script to gateway by following steps.
Click on Choose File and point to the respective python script and click upload

but when I go to the suggested link there is no such python script.
can anyone help me with that?