How can I get a list of WIFI networks and connect to a WIFI network in Windows Embedded Compact 7 ?

The example “Managed Wifi API” in can find a list of Wifi networks and connect to one, but when I run it under Windows Embedded Compact 7 .NET 3.5 it tells me that a lot of the API calls the example uses in wlanapi.dll is Not Supported. I assume these API calls in wlanapi.dll would work under Compact 2013, but I need to use the old Compact 7.

In Compact 7 I can see in the OS GUI that Wifi networks is listed and I can connect to one, so it should be possible to do it from a C# .NET 3.5 program in Compact 7. Can anyone help me? Should I use another DLL than wlanapi.dll when using the old Compact 7?

The OS runs on Digi CCWi-i.MS53 and we use Visual Studio 2008.