Scanning for networks in range

I have a few Wi-ME modules I got about a year ago, which were stored in a drawer after I found out I could not scan for all available networks and their SSIDs, and then pick one to connect. One had to know the SSID beforehand, and always connect to it. This is fine for static applications, but there are many cases in which I don’t want to depend on a hard-coded SSID.

Has this changed now? Is there a firmware update that incorporates this feature? I see some of the development kits have functions and calls specifically for this, so I am at a loss as to why they were not implemented in the Wi-ME.



The standard plug and play firmware does not allow you to scan for networks (although it does in order to find the correct SSID to connect to). The NET+OS 7.0 and later development kits make it fairly easy to scan and find out the networks around the module.

Typically end users will know what SSID they will need to connect to when setting up a wireless device to connect to a wireless network.