How can I get Digi Transport WR44 working with Fleet I/O interface?

Hi all,

I am trying to use Digi TransPort WR44 with Fleet I/O interface but I cant get it fully working.

System information:
Model: TransPort WR44v2
Part Number: WR44-L1F1-NE1-RF
FW Version: (Nov 20 2015 07:17:06)

I have read and followed these documents:

GPS-module of the I/O interface is working. But how can I use CAN bus, accelerometer and fleet card gpio.

On the command line “fleet gpio” command gives only ERROR.

Importing digicanbus in Python gives following error:

>>> import digicanbus
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
SystemError: _PyImport_FixupExtension: module digicanbus not loaded

>>> help(‘digicanbus’)
problem in digicanbus - : _PyImport_FixupExtension: module digicanbus not loaded

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Juha Autioniemi


If you are getting an error when issuing the

Fleet GPIO

then you have more than likley not powered the fleet card correctly as you should get something like

fleet gpio
Port Dir State

GPIO0 in off
GPIO1 in off
GPIO2 in off
GPIO3 in off

if you run the tags command can you see an entry for



this is for the fleet card

if you see


this shows that the fleet card is not powering the router

Hi and thanks,

I got it working. Seems like Fleet Card needs ignition line to be connected before it powers up properly. I dont know why GPS-module still worked. That is why I was thinking that fleet card is powered and that using ignition line is optional.


if you power the router directly not through the fleet power cable the router powers the GPS part of the card and will work but when the fleet power cable is used you have to have the ignition sence pin on to power the router and the microcontroler on the fleet card