Using a DIGITransport WR44R we lose the gps signal

The trains parks under a roof for about 20 minutes and when the train starts moving again the recovery time is very long.

Is there someway to speed this up ?

In the INIT string, should something be included that we have missed ?

Is it possible that the digi shuts down, goes inte standby after x minutes ?

Is there some regional setting ( In example Sweden, Stockholm) that can speed up the recovery of sattelites ?

The train runs at about 200 km/h, and travels about 500 km north of Stockholm

Hi Peter TR,

I believe this is an open support case and it is waiting a response. Please follow it up with tech support.

For reference the router is simply taking a GPS serial feed from the GPS card using a well known GPS chipset. There is very little beyond that.

Please contact Digi technical support