troubleshooting device resets

Hello all,

Looking for some help. a few times the WR44 has reset. Checking event logs we see:

12:00:12, 30 Aug 2011,Power-up[]
12:00:12, 30 Aug 2011,GPRS using SIM 1 (present)
12:00:12, 30 Aug 2011,Eventlog Counters Reset
07:24:52, 30 Aug 2011,WEB Login OK by admin lvl 0

So looking for some tips on how to figure out what is happening. NB there were no power issues.


How do you know there are no power issues? Different devices will have different sensitivities to power spikes or voltage sags.

It could also be related to surge/grounding issues if you have serial devices attached. I have never seen/used the WR44, but I believe its serial ports are NOT optically/galvanically isolated, so serial ground problems could also cause it to reset itself.