reboot on weak signal

Hello I have a series of WR44s and WR21s and i am looking for a way to reboot them if the signal strength becomes too low.

For example signal strength weak reboot

nothing too complicated I already can do this by time i was just wondering if there was a command i was missing or an python script which does this

Thank you.

You would have to use python to check the signal strength and after so many samples bellow X reboot


this will drop the signal stregth.

not sure a reboot is going to make any diffrence if the strength goes down



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I am new to python and am not too sure how the script would look any chance you could include a sample of the script i could use thanks.

Hi there are sample code on Github on how to use python on transport also there is a wiki for python on transport.

still dont understand why you want to reboot the router on poor signal strength?

if there is poor signalstrength its not a problem with the router as it can be enviromental and after a reboot this could still be the same.

if you look at the wizards in the web interface of the transport you will see SureLink this is a methord to settup the router to check that the data / ip network is working and if not you can restart the PPP interface and there are other option if this fails to reboot the router.

if you look at the user guide and look for reboot i think you will find that



I will explain my issue a bit better. I am have some real problems with some of my routers which are ethier WR21 or WR44’s They will stop working after 10-15 minutes if the signal strength is too low as i am not near the router restarting them is almost impossible unless i go to the location. I am trying to automate the process of restarting if the signal strength is not what it should be. I have already got a script that restarts the router every hour which seems to work but it still shuts down the connection after 10 minutes if the connection is unstable. then it waits 1 hour before restarting again.

If this clears it up do you have any information on what causes this problem


you should try to use sure link to handle this.

why you are getting disconnected after 10-15 minutes you should look into further as the router should recover from this. that is the purpose of sure link and would stop the need to reboot the router every hour.

that would give the inpresion of miss configuration and you should realy get in touch with tech support where they can have a look at your configuration.

what you should also do it look at taking a debug.txt from the wr44 just after it goes wrong or after the reboot as this will keep the eventlog.txt over the reboot.

so send the debug.txt to tech support and explain the problem.