How to reboot Digi WR44 from Python

I am trying to reboot the Digi Transport WR44 which is based on the DigiSaros operating system.

I am using the sarcli module to get access to the device command interpreter and I have been able to use this interface to issue simple commands such as ping a remote device.

When I try to send a reboot command, it appears to be ignored. In simple terms the program looks like :

import sarcli

cli =
cmd = “reboot”
response =

I get the response “OK” suggesting the command has been accepted.

While looking around I did find a “basic” script which seemed to be using the command “boot a=r” but this might not have been a SarOS based router.

Does anyone know why this does not seem to work ?


I have just tried that code on a wr44 and the device rebooted.

are you waiting long enough for it as this does a clean up before rebooting. depending on what else the router is doing can take a little while