How can I increase the size of serial buffer being sent to the network from RealPort?

I have a Digi PortServer TS 4 MEI connected to a Linux server.

I am trying to increase the throughput where data comes from the serial device into the server.

Looking at the network traffic, the serial data is being broken up into 20 byte data packets. It should be closer to a single 500 byte data packet.

I have used ditty to set maxcps to 2000, maxchar to 1000, bufsize to 5000, and edelay to 250. This did not change the network traffic.

Do I need to bump the daemon for the new settings to take affect? I have used ditty -a to verify the new settings.

Are there other settings I should try?


No this is not possible as the serial data is processed on a polling basis. You can try and slow down polling by setting the optimize setting to “throughput” rather than “latency”:

Thank you for the reply.

The Digi was already in the Optimize for Throughput mode.
I switched it to Legacy, then back to Throughput, but I do not see any change in its behavior.

The hoped for outcome would be for the Digi to receive a stream of about 500 characters in a single burst and send that as a single packet over the network instead of 20 character chunks.

Any other ideas?