How can I prolong the time awake in a Mesh?


I’m setting a new cyclic synchronized sleep mesh network, it’s working ok (they sync alltogether, sleep and wakeup at the same time and exchange information), but I have the following doubt:

Imagine the network is sleeping for 5 minutes and awake for 1 minute, right?
But then eventually 1 minute awake is not enough for doing all the stuff, and my wish is to make this time longer but only EVENTUALLY, not forever, I mean only at this very instant and only when I set it by a command.

I’ve tried to change the SP and ST but they aren’t executed until the next cycle (sleep->wake up), and so my wish is to prolong the time in a desired moment, not at the next cycle…

Do you have any suggests? Thank you very much!

A few options depending on your network:
You could try changing sleep modes to 0 but your node may get out of sync.

Pin sleep or asynchronous cyclic w/pin sleep are good options but they rely on having an always on radio for the sleeping nodes to talk to.

Third you could set the radio to SM7 (sleep support.) You can then keep working with the radio. It will still queue transmissions up and wait to send them during the awake period of the cyclic sleep but you can issue it AT commands. Speeding up the awake asleep cycle can work well in this mode.

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Hi jeremy, thank you very much for your help!

Let me add to my explanation that I’m working with batteries in all the modules (project requirement) and that makes impossible to work with modules who don’t go to sleep (sleep supporter)…

That’s the main problem I’m facing…