Wake Time problem


We are running a project using Xbee Pro DigiMesh 2.4 Firmware 804B.

We’re using 3 routers and one coordinator.

The problem we’re experiencing is the long wake time. We’ve tried to reduce the time awake by changing the values of NH, NN, MT, MR, SP and ST.

MT = 0
MR = 1
NH = 2
NN = 1
SP = 16A8
ST = C8 (if possible we would like to run at 64)

As listed above we need our network to remain sleeping for 59 seconds. After the sleep period it should wake up for 200ms.

We’re not exactly sure how these parameters affect the mesh funtionality. We would really appreciate if we could get an explanation of the different parameters above.

We’ve also experienced some problems in the initial state of the mesh network. When we send an IS request too two nodes at the same time, at the first wake up it, seems like one of the messages just disappears. Why do the network behave this way?

We’re running out of time! Really appreciate an answer! Thanks!