How can I read the modem status frame on port SPI?

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Hello! I have a module XBee S6 and board with a microprocessor. Yesterday I translated the module in SPI mode using AT commands on port UART and write these settings to the module. Now I can not read the modem status frame on port SPI, although after the power up pin SPI_nATTN is at low level, which means that the data in the buffer SPI. This pin is in this state all the time and i try read data(send SPI_CLK and SPI_nSSEL), but the output MISO logic 0. How can I read the modem status frame on port SPI?

What microprocessor are you using to communicate with the XBee?

I use ATmega32U4, but it does not matter. I understend about SPI settings(mode 0 and other settings). I think that the SPI in this module can be operated only in the API frames. However, as I wrote the other day I programmed the unit is in this mode through UART (use the following AT commands: ATAP1 ATD21 ATD31 ATD41 ATD96 ATP21 ATWR and ATCN). Yesterday I checked out which mode the module is sending a command ATAP and got the answer “0.” ie the module is in transparent mode, and a command of ATWR the last time did not work! SPI still do not work!