How can I stop fonts being loaded from ?

I have a Digi Transport WR44v2 router not currently connected to the internet or with a working DNS server.

The WEB interface to the router is extremely slow mainly because it seems to try to load fonts from This eventually times out and the page is loaded anyway.

Can we disable this feature and/or load the fonts manually ?

I recall this being correct in a newer version of TransPort firmware. Are you running the latest firmware on the unit?

From the release notes:

You are running
This feature/bug came in with:
The TransPort Web GUI and Getting Started Wizard have been rebranded using the new Digi logo, colour scheme and fonts. (SAROS-1700)

This was fixed in
The Web GUI look and feel has been updated to use darker colors on the menu items and to non-Google fonts. (SAROS-1762)

Upgrade your firmware.

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