How can I use the data being sent from an XBEE 2 as an RT to a XSTICK 2 as coordinator?

I’m trying to make an XBee sensor detection network using XBee S2 (model XBEE2) RF Modules that communicate to a XSTICK2 ZB that is connected to my laptop. Now, I can configure the modules so they communicate to XSTICK2 ZB, however, I can only see that data in using the XIG software that is used to control the XSTICK. I’m a beginner at using XBee and much of the information out there is confusing to me and not much of it pertains to this type of configuration. My ultimate goal is to use the continuous data from the I/O ports on the XBEE modules to be interpreted into a computer language that can interface an Android App. This will act as a sensor monitoring application through the use of the modules communicating to my laptop and being able to grab that information hopefully in python or java and setting up my computer as a server pointing to a socket on my program that will communicate with my app. If anyone has a reference page or has worked on a similar project, please help…

I would recommend reading over the following articles:

All three should help you in achieving your network and data transfer.